Friday, January 4, 2013

Trends 2012: Popularizing the DILF

Trends 2012 will make an extended series due to the busy schedule of December.

'Daddies' are generally 40+ year-old fathers (ie. have children) and bulky, tough, hairy, and huge. But that image is for a genre of gay porn.

The beast-DILF need to be domesticated if to be shown on popular media. And so the DILF was slimmed to fit into a longsleeves, gentleman-ed, trimmed, and [who says can't stay to be?] huge.

The best example of Pinoy-DILF I can think of is Richard Gomez and, for the Hollywood-DILF, it's Brad Pitt. If you think otherwise or just want to add please do comment.

The modern-DILF was so, as they call it, feminized that it might border on metrosexual sometimes. Yet popular media didn't stop at that. They continued to introduce DILFs even on children.

Of course, not the sexual image that they are lovely to fuck but that daddies can be crush-able too just like any other matinee idols. They are cute, handsome, and most possibly hot and that teenage college girls can woo them.

This seem to me as an underlying theme in Be Careful with My Heart. It is a late weekday mornings TV series drama mostly aimed at housewives, household helpers, and preschool children (who do not have class at this hour).

It stars Jodi Sta. Maria, as Maya, a province girl whose dream is to work as a stewardess while Richard Yap, as Sir Chief, an executive influential in the airline industry. She still needs to finish her schooling and so works as 'yaya' to his children after his wife died.

It repeatedly defeats the show in the same timeslot on the rival TV station. It also managed to outrun even the longest running show, Eat Bulaga!, in the ratings. It's probably the most popular show outside primetime in the Philippines in the last quarter of 2012.

Richard Yap's first TV appearance was the chef in Chowking's ads. His shot to fame was his role in My Binondo Girl. Now he is the main actor in his very own TV series. Of course, the influx of commercials and modeling offers will continue now that even children would recognize and even idolize him. Wouldn't he pass as a real life DILF too?


Speaking of daddies, I met a few last 2012. Though they are not of our definition above as I am not really into daddies. They are more of young dads. Horny teenagers who impregnated their girlfriends (or maybe not even girlfriend yet) then discovered gay sex because of their super curiosity.

I was telling McVie, his partner D, and our UP friend C (after getting tested, partly in celebration of World's AIDS Day) that I was meeting guys like those more and more frequently. On top of that, they are bottom. In the words of McVie, "They wanted to try the other side of the coin." Which I countered with, "the other side of the OTHER coin!"

Or maybe they were just trippers? Bottom trippers.